Steven Rosenzweig, MD

Good medicine. Natural healing.

Supportive care and natural therapies

Supportive care and natural therapies

COVID-19 update. Office hours have been suspended for now. Telemedicine visits (video or phone) are available. Click here for policy.

Dr. Steve's practice focuses on supportive care and easing of symptoms for patients with serious illness such as cancer or chronic disease.

"I treat each patient as a whole person. I extend the practice of medicine to include natural therapies, and emphasize the essential healing relationship between mind and body. I refer to experienced providers for acupuncture and body-based therapies whenever appropriate. The goal of care is greater vitality, symptom relief, and an expanded sense of well-being, even in the presence of serious illness."

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Please note:

Dr. Rosenzweig is not a primary care physician.

Medical marijuana: Dr. Rosenzweig is registered with the PA Department of Health as a certifying physician. However, he only certifies established patients when appropriate and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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